A Reprieve from Seasonal Allergies is Possible!

So after learning about Essential Oils for close to a year at this point, I have always known that the combination of Lemon oil, Lavender Oil, and Peppermint oil is a Kick Allergy Butt recipe. I used to have seasonal allergies pretty intensely growing up in LA, and then again in Northern California as an adult. But interestingly enough, I have never had a problem with them here in Ohio.

Well, I don’t know if there’s something new in the air this fall or not, but the last few days I have been a drippy, sneezy mess. This evening it was so bad, I literally had tears pouring down my face as I sat at the computer. My brain felt like it weighed 50 pounds and was full of stuffing, and I could not type 5 words without stopping to blow my nose.

And then I kicked myself – figuratively of course, because I didn’t need to be more uncomfortable than I already was – and thought, “I am the Essential Oils queen. I am obsessed with oils, and I have 20 bottles of them sitting on the ledge in my kitchen. I KNOW what to do, why am I not doing it??”

So here’s what I did:

1. I made myself a nice cup of warm lemonade with some raw honey (but make sure the water is not too hot or you won’t get the benefit of the “rawness” of the honey), a couple teaspoons of unrefined coconut oil, and 2 drops of lemon essential oil. I added the coconut oil in because essential oils are more easily absorbed by our body if they are ingested alongside fats (good, high quality fats. Don’t be adding in canola oil. While you’re at it, throw away that canola oil – it’s so bad for you!)

2. I diffused peppermint in my awesome Young Living Home Diffuser.

3. I took a drop of lavender oil and rubbed it right under my nose, and even a bit inside my nostrils. Not too far in, just at the opening of the nose. And then, because I was just so desperate for my nose and eyes to stop dripping all over myself, I took an empty vegetable capsule and put in 4 drops of lavender oil and filled the rest of the capsule with extra virgin olive oil (remember those good fats!) and swallowed it.

Instant Reprieve. And I mean instant. Faster and better relief than any allergy medicine that I have ever tried (and I’ve tried many of them). I’m sitting here on the couch 2 1/2 hours later and I haven’t used a tissue or sneezed once. My eyes are dry and my brain fog has lifted. The truth is that I fully expected to have to repeat the whole protocol again, as oils are not drugs and sometimes don’t last the full 4-6 hours that we expect. But I’m still fine. Absolutely amazing and mind blowing!

Next time I’m going to try the whole thing without taking the lavender internally. While I feel completely safe using Young Living’s oils internally, I don’t know that I had to in order to get relief, but I’ll keep you posted!


3 thoughts on “A Reprieve from Seasonal Allergies is Possible!

  1. Would love to hear whether/how you’d modify this for a small child. My 3.5 year old is having a pretty hard season, her eyes are almost constantly puffy and itchy, and her nose is often runny/sneezy though not as constant and not as severe as the eyes. So far I’ve been diffusing a combination of lavender, peppermint, and lemon – about 2 drops each in a 2/3 full YL home diffuser, approximately whenever I get around to it, so far I haven’t noticed anything dramatic… 😦

    Please keep posting!

    • Try placing a drop of lavender oil right on the inside of the nostrils – not far in, but right at the opening. One drop should be sufficient for both nostrils. If the nose is very raw and cracked, dilute the lavender oil.
      Also, instead of mixing all oils in the diffuser, just diffuse peppermint. Instead of diffusing lemon, make a “lemonade” drink out of lemon oil and raw honey (local raw honey is very effective for seasonal allergies if ingested regularly). And use the lavender as I suggested above.
      The last thing is Vitamin C, which has been so helpful for my daughter’s allergies alongside the oils. Use vitamin c crystals in powdered form and mix it in drink of choice.
      * I’m not a doctor, just sharing what I have done that has been helpful. Good luck!

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