Oils for Autism


Someone I used to work with would often say, “If you’ve met one kid with Autism, then you’ve met one kid with Autism”. Meaning, unlike many other special needs diagnoses, Autism takes on an entirely different look with each child on its spectrum.

The oils in the illustration above are the typical oils to use for Autism (and ADHD as well). You may find success with some, all, or entirely different ones – though my experience tells me that most of you will see improvements with some combination of these oils.

Things to know before starting with oils for a child with ASD or ADHD:

1. No matter which of the oils above you choose to experiment with, I highly recommend using Valor, and using it first. Valor is a “driver”, which means it helps bring out the therapeutic potency of the other oils you are using. It will help to create a stronger result from the oils if it is used to start whatever protocol you are using. Also, Valor is a very balancing and grounding oil blend, and is therefore so beneficial when working on mental or emotional issues.

2. Whenever you choose to use more than one oil at a time, layer the oils as opposed to mixing them up together and applying them all at once. Mixing different oils without having a background in Aromatherapy can adversely sabotage the desired effect of the oils.

3. Pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are so strong that sometimes a new oil will cause a detox of sorts to occur. Detox can often look similar to an allergy (topcial reaction) or can cause behaviors to worsen (emotional/mental reaction).  I suggest trying a new oil with children on the spectrum over the weekend when you don’t have much planned – just in case a detox reaction should occur (Note: I have never had this problem with one of my children, but I have heard of others who have experienced it with their kids). If any reaction should occur, lessen the amount or times per day you are applying the oil, and watch carefully. If it is a detox reaction, it will only last a few days and will get better with time. If it a true reaction to the oil (this is VERY uncommon) it will worsen with each exposure.

4. Using essential oils for behavior issues require the parent to be a patient and vigilant observer. Some children show improvement from oils in hours, others require days, while still others require even longer. My suggestion is to start with a couple oils that make sense for your child (see the image on top of this page) and stick with it 2-3 times a day for 30 days. After 30 days, switch one oil out for a different one, or if things have been going well just add one new one in. All this requires is some education, patience, and an open mind!

Please feel free to comment below if you have specific behaviors you would like to work on with your ASD child that may not be listed in the image above. I will be happy to brainstorm with you and suggest oils that may help. But always remember please – I am not a doctor! Happy Oiling!


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