I’m back! And armed with first hand information on oils and antibiotics!

First the bad news: We’ve all been sick over the last 2 months.

Now the good news: We’re all healthy now!

And for the most interesting news: We dealt with our various illnesses primarily with essential oils (with some help from other natural remedies). In fact, our pediatrician was AMAZED that we treated my daughter’s pretty serious sinus infection successfully with just essential oils instead of the antibiotics she prescribed. I was a bit nervous not filling the prescription at first, especially because the doctor was worried that my daughter would have to be hospitalized due to her severe lethargy and dehydration. But she is prone to candida overgrowth in general, which made me wary of doing a round of antibiotics with her unless I absolutely had to. So I gave myself 24 hours to try using the oils internally with her – and I told myself that if I saw no improvement in 24 hours, I would fill the prescription immediately.

Lo and behold, the change in 24 hours was amazing! And in 48 hours we had a different child on our hands! I kicked myself for not giving her the oils internally earlier, as she had been sick and out of school for almost 10 days before I did. But better late than never…

I am better versed at using the oils topically, although I am venturing into the world of using essential oils internally very slowly and very carefully at this point. There obviously is a time and place for ingesting them, and if it can help us avoid antibiotics then so much the better.


2 drops of oregano oil

2 drops of Thieves oil

4 drops of lavender oil

Place drops of oil into an empty vegetarian gel capsule and take twice a day. (Worried about the safety of ingesting essential oils? See my previous post here)

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming up about oils for coughs, oils for fevers, and oils for a stomach virus…


3 thoughts on “I’m back! And armed with first hand information on oils and antibiotics!

  1. What are these vegetarian gel capsules? Where can one get them? Do they come in kosher certified varieties?

    We are dealing with one cold/cough after another here and I could really use some refresher blog posts about that! My notes from that teleconference were sparse on this one, I never had a winter nearly this bad but this is enough to drive me into action here!

  2. You can get them at a health food store or online – do a Google search for kosher empty vegetarian capsules.
    I am definitely planning on posting more next week, provided that everyone stays healthy. It has been a doozy of a winter!!

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