Essential oils instead of OTC drugs!

It was Headache Central in my house today.  When the kids get headaches at the same time, I can usually attribute it to a number of going-to-sleep-late-nights in a row (gotta love weekends).  But this time, as I reached for the oils for the kids, I started to feel that tightening, pounding sensation creep across my forehead and around my temples.   And as I was applying the oils and enjoying the cooling sensation that slowly spread across my head, I thought – I can’t remember the last time I used an Over The Counter medication (or prescription drug, for that matter)!

If any of you are concerned about the safety or quantity of pills being popped by yourself or other members of your family, I strongly suggest you consider using essential oils. They are safe, very difficult to overdose (unless you inadvertently open the cap and chug the whole bottle), and they WORK!

Here is a handy dandy visual to consult when determining which oils to use in place of which drugs. All oils in the visual are included in the Premium Starter Kit (see link on top Order Oils).



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