A Husband’s Post

My name is Daniel  and I am married to an essential oils addict.

On every countertop, in every cupboard of our house, and even in the drawers of the night table next to our bed lie these small, half-filled bottles on their side; each one with a faded or peeling colored label on the front of it, with strange sounding names like Digize or Vetiver.  And then there’s the stuff in her purse….

An addict is never content to use alone.  They must share the stuff (we call it pushing) with others.

People call our house at odd times and strangers will often drop in late at night to borrow a bottle of Thieves or R.C. or Peppermint for their “sick child” or their “sore back”, which my wife is only too glad to let them borrow for free.  Need to stay awake to study for a test?  She’s got an oil for that.  Having trouble falling asleep?  She’s got an oil for that, too.

My wife is precise like a scientist in the way she measures and administers the dosages.

“Use a carrier, like olive or coconut oil.”

“Coat the inside of your nostrils with it.”

“It’ll enter your pineal gland quicker if you rub it on your big toe.”

“I can make you a capsule to swallow if you want to ingest it orally.”

If the NSA is really monitoring our phone conversations, we’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.

But seriously, as a loving but skeptical husband, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of my thoughts, from the other side of the fence.

1.       It’s hard to chalk up to coincidence that our kids rarely get colds anymore.  If she hears one of them sneeze just once, she’ll chase them through the house with her Thieves oil spray and Lavender so she can nip their cold in the bud and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the family.  And if she can’t catch them, she’ll put the oils in a diffuser and cloud their room with the vapors while they sleep.

2.       It’s hard to chalk up to coincidence that a dozen or so of her friends have come over, suffering from ailments such as back pain to migraine headaches, and they’ve all experienced immediate relief after she applied her essential oils to the affected areas.

3.       It’s hard to chalk up to coincidence that our oldest son, who suffered from severe anxiety and ADHD in grades 1-3, is blossoming in grade 4 due to her attention to the effect his diet has on his behavior and her administering of essential oils such as Brain Power.

4.       It’s hard to chalk up to coincidence the rapid recovery my six year old daughter experienced from a debilitating cough this winter that caused her to lose all of her energy, two weeks of school, and 8 pounds of weight, without my wife ever having to resort to the prescribed antibiotics.  Instead, she used a regimen of essential oils to bring her back to her health, the remarkable success of which even my daughter’s pediatrician marveled at and had to know her secret.

5.       I’ve always believed that “the way nature intended” is always preferable and more effective, long-term, than the route of chemicals and synthetic ingredients.  I’ve just never experienced measurable results to be able to corroborate my theory.  But my exposure to the world of essential oils through my wife is beginning to give me the license I need to back that up.

6.       I have to admit, I really don’t care for the smell of most of the common essential oils, like Lavender for e.g.  I can smell it outside the door of my home before I even enter when my wife has been on one of her diffusing missions.  And it makes me self-conscious when people come over.  We‘ve all been over to that smelly house of a friend of ours, either as a child or as an adult, and wondered to ourselves, “Don’t they realize their house stinks?”  I never wanted to be that person.  But, as I get older (40, as of press time), I am more self-assured, and the opinion of others does not break me like it used to.  If there is a good reason for my house to smell different, I will handle it (though I may still reference it to my guests and apologize for it, so they know how self-aware I am-some habits die hard).

7.       What I do enjoy very much, is having a glass of water with two ice cubes and a single drop of lemon, grapefruit, or lime oil, with a straw.  Unlike the lemon or lime juice that you buy in the store, these oils are extracted from the rind of the fruit, and are much more subtle in taste.  This is a drink I find refreshing ANYTIME.

8.       Last, but definitely not least, as far back as I can remember, I’ve suffered from dry and itchy skin during the winter months of the year.  I deal with it in a variety of ways, including applying a thorough and heavy coating of Aquaphor all over my body after showering.  But then, when my wife began rubbing Lavender oil with significant results on our toddler’s little body (who seems to have inherited the same volatile skin genes as me), I started to wonder what a similar treatment might do for me.  The jury is still out whether the natural Lavender is as effective for my dry, itchy skin as synthetic Aquaphor, but I will say this: there’s nothing quite like being on the receiving end of a smooth, essential oil backrub.  ‘Nuff said.


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