Oil me this

So I’ve been blogging for several months now (off and on; disciplined writing isn’t as easy as it looks) on essential oils, a topic that I’m very passionate about, have done a lot of research on, and have a good amount of experience with. And as a result of all the research and discussions I’ve had with other experts in the field, I’ve amassed some really useful information which I love sharing with other people.

The things is, when I pick a topic to blog about, I kind of feel like I’m shooting in the dark. Sure, the topic is interesting to me, and I wouldn’t write about it if I didn’t think at least someone else out there would be interested in learning more about it, too,  but I really would like to know exactly which topics are important to the readers of this blog; what do YOU want to learn more about?

So I thought I’d open the question up to the readers and subscribers to weigh in on: what do YOU want to learn more about in the area of essential oils?

Below is a short list of topics that I often get asked for advice about:

a) DIY recipes and household tips using essential oils

b) how to detox with oils

c) relief from seasonal allergies/colds

d) chronic pain relief using essential oils

e) addressing ADD/Autism in kids with oils

f) using oils instead of antibiotics

g) is there a difference between other brands of essential oils and Young Living, and how does their business model work?

These are the areas of my passion and expertise, but if there’s something that’s not on this list that you’re curious about, by all means let me know.  It’s also my intention to start a weekly “Q and A” soon-so if you have oil questions e-mail me at essentialoilscoaching@gmail.com with your question.  I may use it in a blog post and you’ll be famous on the internet:)

So if you receive value from this blog, please take a moment to help improve it by letting me know your areas of interest, either by commenting below or by sending me an email.  Also please let me know your preferred medium of information:

  • reading a blog post
  • listening to a podcast
  • watching a video

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and feedback up until now, and looking forward to the next great phase of Essential Oils Coaching!


2 thoughts on “Oil me this

  1. My favorite medium is reading a blog post. I like being able to go at my own pace and skim for the parts of most interest to me. Watching/listening is too slow and too clumsy to back up if you missed something – compared to reading.

    I’m interested in all the things you write! But of the topics you mentioned, I’d rank them in this order personally:
    e, f, c, g, b, d, a
    Nothing strict about that. They all sound good!

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